How it works

Does your workplace have what it takes to make your building Australia’s happiest, healthiest and most sustainable workplace?  The Better Buildings Cup is a race to make your office building a place that’s better for people and the planet. Over 12 months, your building, workplace and team mates will take on activities, big and small.  From riding to work, to switching to renewables, to cutting waste, there are plenty of activities to choose from.  



Take the quiz

Complete our simple, five minute quiz to understand where you stand on sustainability and the simple actions you can take today.

Get your results

From your responses, we'll build your personal dashboard and provide suggestions to get you started and keep you motivated.

Earn Points

Commit or complete sustainable actions you tackle and earn points for your workplace in the process. The more you do, the more points you will win.

Strategy is the name of the game

Points are achieved by completing activities on the platform.
Trickier and more impactful the actions, the more points they are worth


Earn a stack of small points for individual actions – it’s all about scale and is a MUST to win.

Earn up to 100 points when your company implements activities.

Earn up to 500 points when your whole building achieves a big impact together.

Get your colleagues involved button

Sensational seasonal point earners

We’ll keep you motivated with opportunities to earn some sensational points and prizes with our quarterly activities so make sure you watch out for them.


Know where
you stand

Complete the quiz and we’ll give you activities to suit your level. While you’re busy discovering what you can do, your company and building will undertake a NABERS Co-Assess, to understand the building’s current energy and emissions.


Wipe out

Can you WOW in your office? We think your can. From Peter’s chewed up plastic pen tops to caffeinated Cath’s takeaway coffee cups we’ve got a bunch of activities here that will get you wiping out waste. 



This quarter is all about cleaning your power bills by reducing your energy, installing renewables and switching to green power at work and home.


Bring your
best self

From walking meetings to choosing the space for the task, ‘Bring your best self’ is all about being a healthier, happier and more productive you.  There’s a stack of activities to choose from.

Key dates

The 2019 Better Buildings Cup starts 1 April 2019 and finishes 1 April 2020. Activities can be undertaken throughout the year, but we’ll create some fun and engaging campaigns to push you and your workplace up the leaderboard!

Apr - Jun

Know where you stand

Jul - Sep

Wipe out waste

Oct - Dec

Positive power

Jan - Mar

Bring your best self


March 2020

Winners announced


Collectively we can make a big impact on the environment, our local communities and the experiences that you have at work. But we have to work together.