Who can participate? 
Only invited buildings can play in 2019.  See if your building is signed up here. If you work in one of these buildings you can play!  All you have to do is register and you’re off.

Can my building sign up during the year? 
The Better Buildings Cup is an annual competition so all buildings start and finish at the same time - that way it’s a level playing field. The next intake will open in December 2019. Get in touch to register your interest.

Can individuals win or does the whole building need to be involved? 
The Better Buildings Cup is about collective contribution, so the more involved your building and colleagues are, the more points you’ll earn and the more chance your building will have of winning. But to keep you incentivised, we’ve got a stack of small prizes which you can win as you participate.  

How much does it cost to be involved? 
Nothing! It’s completely free.  We will support you with access to a CitySwitch program manager, ready-to-roll engagement campaigns and we’ll even throw in some great posters, collateral and prizes to encourage others in you building to participate.

What evidence do I need to collect? 
Evidence of achievement will be collected via building and company NABERS Energy ratings. To provide evidence of participation in challenges, we will encourage you to complete tasks inside the platform and send pictures of you having a good time. 

Remember, if you cheat, you’ll be cheating your colleagues and the planet and bad karma will surely follow.

What is a NABERS Energy rating and why should I care?
Everybody needs good NABERS right?  The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is the industry standard way of measuring the energy efficiency of your office.  It balances up office energy use in different climates (and more) so that you can compare any office around the country fairly. 

The new NABERS Co-Assess tool also massively reduces the cost of rating and means that all tenant companies in a building can rate at the same time for a really competitive cost.  Work with your building owner to find out how you can get a rating for your whole building and then start tackling the opportunities that you identify.

How do we win? 
There are points for effort and for achievement in this competition. Ultimately we want to achieve a carbon positive future, so the buildings and companies that provide evidence that they have reduced their emissions by the highest percentage will win.  But there are also prizes for participation and having fun.  See the How to Win page for more info.

What if we are already carbon neutral? 
Amazing! You are already a winner in our eyes! You will also be in the running for the prize for the building with the lowest overall emissions intensity (which means carbon emissions per square metre of space). Plus don’t forget, just beyond carbon neutral is carbon positive, where you can make a positive contribution to healing the planet through offsets, and influencing others through helping your neighbours, sustainable procurement in your supply chain and supporting staff actions at home.