The Better Buildings Cup is brought to you by CitySwitch and the Better Buildings Partnership


Now more than ever, Australia’s business community must lower its exposure to energy pricing impacts and shift its focus to more efficient and sustainable operations. Companies have a critical role to play – they influence up to 50% of the energy use in commercial office buildings. 

For over 10 years the CitySwitch program has been supporting office-based businesses to significantly improve day-to-day energy and waste efficiency, reduce operational costs, create value for employees and foster their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Your local CitySwitch program manager is available to help your company every step of the way.

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Led by the City of Sydney, the Better Buildings Partnership is a collaboration with Sydney’s leading commercial property owners working together to address the challenges facing the commercial property sector and help Sydney become one of the world’s top sustainable cities.

Your building owners have already slashed their emissions by over 50%, made world leading commitments to get to zero emissions as quickly as they can and are passionate about creating spaces where people can bring their best self to work every day. 

They want to raise the bar of excellence and they are inviting you to come along for the ride.

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